Sidney Mohede – Tiada Seperti-Mu / None Like YOU (From Louder Than Life Concert Behind The Scenes)

Sidney Mohede is an incredibly talented worship leader and gospel songwriter based in Indonesia.

This a teaser of a behind the scenes movie I made for his concert called “Louder Than Life”. The concert is a celebration of Sidney’s 20th year in ministry.

The story is that I’ve always wanted work on a project with Sidney, so when word of the concert got out, I thought I’d present the idea to him.
We met two months before the concert and discovered that we had similar tastes in ideas, which was fantastic because chemistry is always important for a project like this.

We did everything with very simple equipment, but gave it everything we got. I filmed almost every rehearsal till the day of the concert.

Sidney is an amazing worshipper. You can see how his heart and passion comes through in these footages. But the fact is that it wasn’t just Sidney. The teamwork, energy, enthusiasm; the amount of care and attention poured into the production by everybody involved produced such a powerful momentum – It left an indelible impact on me.

Producing this project has been an amazing spiritual journey for both me and my wife. We’re so grateful of the opportunity. All Glory to God.

The audio track used is taken from the concert CD. The song is an Indonesian worship song called “Tiada Seperti-Mu” (None Like You in English), written by Sidney himself.

The behind the scenes documentary and this video will be included in the DVD of concert which will be released on January 12th, 2011.



The Song is in Indonesian.

Here’s the English translation:


Your Grace for me never changes
And what You have done is painted in my heart
I’m amazed by You
I stand in awe of You
There is nothing in my life that You don’t see

You are beautiful, You are glorious
There is none like You
I want to please You all of my days

You are the beginning and the end
The Creator of everything
The stars shine by Your words

And You love me, the Author of my life
With all my breath i will worship You always

I praise You, I worship You
There is none like You
I want to please You all of my days

All of my praises
All of my reverence
All of my heart worship you
Take all of my life as a living sacrifice for You

Not my will but Yours be done
For my life is Yours
You are beautiful, You are glorious
I want to please You all of my days

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