POLIS 96i3 Behind The Scenes

We want to share with you a work of our small team. POLIS 96I3 is a short movie created by Lokomotion studio based on mock city created by Grzegorz Ziółkowski. The animation got into international competition “My RØDE Reel 2016” in Australia, which have over 1200 entries from all over the world, and get to the final in Best Sci-Fi, and Best Visual Effects category. We are inviting you to watch the whole animation and behind the scenes video, which explains how the sound design and animation was made. We are waiting for your opinion and feedback after watching the animation.

Animation: Tomasz Dęga, Alan Krawczyk, Paweł Rutkowski

Sound Design: Marcin Kalinowski, Filip Stefanowski

Music: Piotr Jóźwiak (Silenciø)

External Links

POLIS96I3 Official website- www.polis96i3.com
Lokomotion Studio – www.lokomotion.pl
KLN Records – www.klnrecords.com

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