‘Murmuration’ Behind The Scenes With The American Ballet Theatre

Go behind the scenes with The American Ballet Studio Company as they rehearse an original work choreographed by George Williamson.
Shot and Directed by Steven Brahms
Edited by Alex Goldberg
Color by Kath Raisch
Choreagraphy by George Williamson
Music by Dobrinka Tabakova performed by Kristina Bluamane, The Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, and Maxim Rysanov
Audio Mix by Colin Alexander
Produced by David Hallberg & Marie Suter
Featured Dancers: Hanna Bass, Rachelle Di Stasio, Carlos Gonzalez, Erica Lall, Tyler Maloney, Gargein Pogossian, Samual Rodriquez, Wanyue Qiao
American Ballet Theatre Artistic Director Kevin Mckenzie
American Ballet Theatre Executive Director Kara Medoff Barnett
ABT Studio Company Artistic Director Kate Lydon
ABT Studio Ballet Master Carlos Lopez
Produced by Teen Vogue
ABT Studio Company Manager Jillian Brinberg

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