Killing Kennedy – Behind the Scenes

National Geographic contacted us with the need to create a “peek from behind the lens” story for its ratings busting movie, Killing Kennedy, starring Rob Lowe as JFK. It tells the stories of two men whose lives are forever connected by one moment. In our story, actress Ginny Goodwin quotes director Nelson McCormick, “It’s like two trains colliding, but their coming from different ends of the earth.”

We were tasked with a writing a traditional behind the scenes story but with a very trailer-esqe feel. The piece had to drive people to watch the actors’ portrayals but also understand why the story was important in today’s world. From movie footage to 8mm recreation, promos shoots to true behind the scenes action, we had access to a bucket load of footage. And what we found were very introspective voices from the actors portraying the main characters. They went to all ends to find original sources and material, from which they could create a version of the characters never before seen.

In concept through to color correct it was a great experience all around. We enjoyed seeing the ratings explode for National Geographic, knowing that in a small part we had helped promote a new take on the famous story.

Producer: Tyler Korba

Writer: Carolyn Baughman

Edit: Jeffrey Foot, Ryan Baker

Color Correct: Dave Gorrie

Graphics: Brian Everett, Garth Superville

Audio Post: Richard Humphries

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