IDOMENEO | behind the scenes

A glimpse behind the scenes.

You can find a video documentation of the opera performance here:

Idomeneo, Rè di Creta is an Italian language opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In cooperation with Theater Bremen, URBANSCREEN conceived the stage design and visual composition for this production.

The opera premiered at Theater Bremen on March 27th, 2011.

Art Direction: Daniel Rossa (, Till Botterweck
3D Operator: Peter Pflug, David Starmann
Composition Assistant: Moritz Horn
Music and edit of the documentation: Jonas Wiese (

A Theater Bremen production ( in cooperation with URBANSCREEN.

Musical Direction: Markus Poschner
Director: Kay Kuntze
Costume Design: Christa Beland
Lighting Design: Christopher Moos
Choir: Daniel Mayr
Dramaturgy: Hans-Georg Wegner, Juliane Luster

Realized with Wings VIOSO mediaserver (

An production

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