How to make a 2D animated web-series

A broad overview of how to make a 2D animated web-series, using examples from Yesterday’s Heroes ( Software used: Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere and Blender.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

Further reading:

~ Backgrounds ~
3D models are all made in Blender –
Inking is done in Illustrator –
How to use the Pen Tool in Illustrator –

~ Characters ~
Characters are drawn in Illustrator –
A good tutorial on preparing characters for animation using Illustrator and AfterEffects –

~ Animation ~
Animation is done in AfterEffects –
Skeletal animation / inverse kinematics is done using DUIK –
A good tutorial on getting started with DUIK –
A good tutorial on using time-remapping to control facial expressions, which also covers phoneme-based lip synching –
A good overview of the basic phonemes required for lip synching –
John Lasseter of Pixar explains the basic principles of animation –

~ Editing ~
Editing is done in Adobe Premiere –


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