Frank Mccay and not-Mike

Just compiled a video of scenes that I loved from the monsters u movie. The first part was pretty much the best and the only scenes I can really watch loving them fully. But of course, I don’t believe that the young version of Mike is really Mike. They seem like two different characters from the original monsters movie. I know people can change over the years, but this did not feel like the genuine Mike character. If you watch the monsters inc teaser, you’ll see that Mike and Sully did in fact meet in the fourth or fifth grade, and Mike was still the attention grabbing, non studious, lovable character from the monsters inc movie. Same goes for Sully, instead of making him a guy that is good hearted and maybe insecure about being able to match his father’s greatness, that would be some great and original writing for Mike and Sulley’s characters. Instead we get generic zero to hero character from Mike out of no where, and generic egotistical guy grows a heart character from Sulley. It’s very lazy and by the books writing to me, and it didn’t even make sense in the timeline, with them meeting in fifth grade. You’ll see proof of this, not from that scene that Pixar tried to cover up, but in the TEASER. See for yourself. Anyway, that’s why I’m calling the little MIke in these scenes, “Not-Mike.” It’s a totally different monster child, in a move that probably should have been a spin off to the monsters inc timeline. Where it would be forgivable to have an underdog movie, since it wouldv’e just been a spin off, detatched from the actual monsters inc timeline. I could go on, but yeah, that’s an explanation of the title with the, not-mike part. Enjoy!! 😀

I don’t own any of these scenes, they belong to Pixar and Disney Studios.


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