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CGI VFX Breakdown, Making of A Monster Calls by Glassworks Barcelona Studio. Featured on

More than two years ago, Glassworks Barcelona teamed up to direct and craft the two animated stories embedded in “A Monster Calls”, J. A. Bayona’s new movie, based in the homonymous novel by Patrick Ness. Two metaphorical fables that help understanding episodes of reality that are difficult to explain through traditional narrative.

After all this time, and despite the research work done, it’s also very complicated for us to put in words what this experience has meant. This project enabled us meeting wonderful artists, with whom we had never collaborated before; people more fantastic than the tales we all made possible. Thanks everyone for putting all your love and a little bit of your life in these stories.

We are thrilled to present today an exclusive preview trailer of the making- of these animated tales. Shortly, we will air an extended version and we will keep revealing some monstrously magical secrets of this amazing creation.

Glassworks Barcelona


Xavi Tribó (Ex.Producer)
David Gómez (Ex.Producer)
Ignacio Muñoz (Ex.Producer)
Javier Verdugo (Creative Technical Director)
Joan Amat (Talent Recruiter)
Sònia Figuera (Producer)
David Gómez (VFX Supervisor)
Marco Rossi (VFX Lead)
Hugo García (3D Animation Lead)

David LLopis (3D Animator)
Jean Vincent Sales (3D Animator)
Llorenç Borràs (3D Animator)
Anthony Vincent (3D Animator)
Ferran Llacer (3D Preview Artist)
Carlos Cortés (3D Artist)
Frankie de Leonardis (3D Artist)
Gerardo del Hierro (3D Artist)
Gergely Woostsch (3D Artist)
Salva Borrego (3D Artist)
Andrea Giordano (Texture & Modelling Artist)
Álvaro Gascó (Texture & Modelling Artist)
Leire Martín (Texture & Modelling Artist))
Kornel Makarowicz (Modelling Artist)
José Manuel Linares (Modelling Artist)
Simon Glass (Modelling Artist)

Eric Moliner (Rigger)
Joan Buhigas (Rigger)
Miquel Campos (Rigger)
Daniel Buhigas (Lighting)
Kiko Navarro (Lighting)
Iván Costarrossa (Lighting)
Jose Luís Estefanía (Lighting)
Cat Harris (VFX Artist)
Gerard Casas Rué (VFX Artist)
Daniel Lopez Izquierdo (Digital Compositor)
Carlos de la Sotilla (Digital Compositor)
Edu Puertas (Digital Compositor)
Àlex Blasco (Digital Compositor)
Ruben LLusià (Digital Compositor)
Edu León (Digital Compositor)
Aurelio Pozas (Digital Compositor)
Ian Sargent (Digital Compositor)
Pau Minguell (Matte painter artist)
Maria Shovkoplyas (Production)
Clàudia Barbal (Production)
Dani Granado (Production)
Xavi Tribó (IT Manager)
Washington Neira (IT Support)

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CGI VFX Breakdown HD “Making of A Monster Calls” by Glassworks Vfx | CGMeetup



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