Behind the Scenes: Stranger Things with Coke

We pull back to curtain to the Upside-Down in the behind the scenes look at our mini Starcourt Mall for Coke!

From tiny movie posters, a mini working soda machine, and even Steve’s jacket – we were absolutely delighted to craft within the dark and mysterious world of Stranger Things.

Client: Hone Productions, The Coca-Cola Company
Agency: Hone Productions

Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Producer: Megan Barbour
Art Director: Minkyung Chung
Designers: Minkyung Chung, Anthony Galante, Sami Kerwin
Fabricators: Minkyung Chung, Anthony Galante, Sami Kerwin, Laura Manns, Victoria Arslani, Megan Barbour, Michaela Olsen, Emily Collins
On-Set Consultant: Anthony Galante

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