Bear City

Feature Film (Remastered 2018) + Behind The Scenes + Blooper Reel + Director’s Commentary with Cast + HomoPop Interviews + Subtitles: English (CC), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish & Romanian.

When twinkie newbie and closet bear-chaser Tyler (Joe Conti) finally infiltrates New York’s exclusive “bear” scene it doesn’t take long for him to become infatuated with commitment-phobic Roger (Gerald McCullouch), the bonafide Casanova. As Tyler negotiates the trials and tribulations of his seemingly elusive love, he finds himself drawn closer to the quirky and endearing characters populating the fabulous big bear community. Touching on society’s pressure to fit into a mold, the struggles of long-term relationships and the rediscovery of the importance of true friendship, BearCity is a prime cut of movie-beef that will have you laughing to the final frame.

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