Aventador – Behind The Scenes

At Strange & Wonderful, Will Hyde came up with an idea to push table top shoots to another level. He wanted to build a box of monitors to place objects in a live video environment.

Working with one TV, two LG Ultrawide monitors, and a 24in monitor in the back, we were able to build a box that had pixels extending wall to wall, floor to ceiling. After the templates in After Effects and Cinema 4D were built out, we worked towards making the video splits display in sync on all of the monitors. The finished product was a mix of clean and simple design, computer animation, and seamless technology.

Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Creative Director: Will Hyde

Technical Director / Animator: Jake Wegesin

Lead 3D Artist / Designer: Jason M. Diaz

Designer/Animator: Austin Hochstatter

Editor/Camera Op: Ryan Hills

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