ABSOLUT BLANK Live – Behind the Scenes

In collaboration with the director Saam Farahmand, The Mill Digital created the ABSOLUT BLANK LIVE – a digital campaign that enabled the audience to paint the ABSOLUT bottle with their dance moves.

The way it worked was simple. Someone would step inside the custom built ABSOLUT pod, dance to their favourite tune and their moves were transformed into video art.

An infrared camera tracked their movements. A bespoke C++ software removed the background in real-time and generated unique art works by reading depth, velocity and the colours they were wearing.

At the end of their dance they received an email with a link to the ABSOLUT Blank Live Facebook page, where they could see, share and Like their video. They could also find out where the Pod was going to be next and check everyone else’s video portraits.

The best videos captured across all the ABSOLUT BLANK Live events were mixed into a live audio visual set by DJ Jamie XX, at a finale party in London’s Shoreditch.

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