Kryo | Full Length Movie – English

Director: Christoph Heimer

Watch ‘Behind the scenes’:

Screenplay – Arend Remmers
Producer – Eric Bouley, Christian Schega, Christopher Sassenrath
Director – Christoph Heimer
Director of Photography – Frederick Gomoll
Art Direction – Johanna Wagner
Costume Design – You-Jin Seo
Sound – Moritz Laux, Torsten Büttner
Editor – Helmar Jungmann
Sound Design – Steffen Flach, Marcus Fass
Music – Karol Obara

David (41) tries to cheat the death of his wife Evelyn (37) through the help of cryonics. When they wake up from cryo sleep in the far future, they find themselves to be alone and trapped inside a deserted cryo facility. But even after hundreds of years David has to learn the hard way that death is an undeniable part of life.

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