“It was all a dream: A look back at Waking Life,” by Bob Sabiston

“It was all a dream: A look back at Waking Life,” by Bob Sabiston

Bob Sabiston will discuss the making of 2001’s Waking Life and the development of its distinctive visual style, using clips from prior work, behind-the-scenes footage, and deleted scenes. Time permitting, a short demonstration of the film’s rotoscoping technique will ensue. Waking Life star and part-time animator Wiley Wiggins will be on hand to supply Ed McMahon guffaws and reminiscences.

Bob Sabiston developed the rotoscoping technique and software used to animate the movie Waking Life. At the turn of the millennium, he and 30 other artists spent a year dreaming up the images for Richard Linklater’s groundbreaking and transcendent film. Bob is himself the director of many award-winning animated short films, going back to the days of MTV’s 1991 show Liquid Television. In recent years Bob has focused on software development, releasing several apps and video games for iOS. He is currently at work on a follow-up to Inchworm Animation, his 2011 animation program for Nintendo DS.

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