Good Catch : Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes “Good Catch” with

The Breakfast Club:
• Nino Kharabadze
• Michael Treutler
• Michael Kromschroeder
• Coco Van Oppens
• Gary “OrangeShoes”
& Ben Pieper

A very special thanks to Philip Bloom for taking the time to help our group out “Late night”. You’ve inspired my work greatly the last several months and it was a real pleasure to work with you in a production setting. A little “hand holding” goes a long way. Always a delight to cross paths with you!

Music by : Juan Serrano »Entre Olas«

Check out the video we made here:

Majorca Master Class 2011
With Philip Bloom, Sebastian Wiegärtner and Nino Leitner

More on my blog at:
Majorca Master Class

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