Freddy – KALEIDOSCOPE – Behind The Scenes

abstr^ct:groove presents:
Freddy – Wr.Up Sport – Kaleidoscope

This time, creative and production studio abstr^ct:groove had the pleasure to experiment with an ancient visual technique: the kaleidoscope.

“We designed and built 4 thaumascopes of different sizes and shapes. The biggest one was 9 metres long with a triangular opening of 2.5 metres and the smallest was 1.5 metres in length with a square opening of 60 centimetres.

In order to understand how to achieve the graphics patterns we wanted, we started by studying small scale models and then we went onto CGI simulations.

All the effects have been obtained in camera without the use of added post production.”

The motion design is powerfully aided by exceptional performers: The Italian National Team of Rhythmic Gymnastic “le Farfalle”, choreographed by their trainer Emanuela Maccarani.

The film is directed by Luigi Pane, who was personally involved in set design, soundtrack scoring and the combined choreography of the gymnasts and backgrounds.

The music is produced by Franky B (aka Cryptic Monkey), also known for “Rise of the Kaiju”, soundtrack for the Yamaha commercial “The Dark Side of Japan”.


client: Freddy
agency: DLV BBDO Milan
executive creative director: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe
art director: Nicola Cellemme, Simone Di Laus
agency producer: Marijana Vukomanovic, Alice Vianello

performed by: Farfalle – Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia

production company: abstr^ct:groove
director: Luigi Pane
executive producer: Giada Risso
producer: Mauro Mastronicola
cinematographer: Dario Ghezzi
production assistant: Alessandro Salerno

stylist: Ernesto Mameli
makeup: Roberto Gotti, Maurizio Fiumefreddo

camera operator: Alessandro Barisano
grip: Francesco Di Lecce
focus puller: Paolo Bertoni
gaffer: Matteo Orsanigo
electrician: Giordano Ciarchi
camera assistant: Bartolomeo Pellino

editing: Luigi Pane
colorist: Diego La Rosa
motion design: Luca Siano, Valentina Vicini, Claudio Capellini, Pierpaolo Mantuano
music: Franky B (aka Cryptic Monkey), Luigi Pane
mastering engineer: Bunt Stafford-Clark

studio thaumascopes realized by: Studio Ferrante Aporti, Milan
video projection system by: Sinergie Innovative, Milan
additional thaumascopes effects by: Marco Preatoni, Francesco Bornati

Behind The Scenes filmed by: Claudio Capellini
Behind The Scenes editor: Diego La Rosa

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