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Actual explosions can prove a safety nightmare on set, a collection of explosions and smoke were created in post-production to bring reality through VFX.

This TVC was shot in LA as an action sequence to display the brilliant performance of the new Hyundai Elantra. Actual explosions can prove a safety nightmare on set and simulated fire and explosions are difficult to create. The location and production limitations permitted little to be captured on camera, As such, the resulting footage of the Elantra dodging imaginary explosions looked pretty underbaked until the VFX were added in.

A host of post-production tools such as Houdini, Maya and 3D max were utilized to create a collection of explosions and smoke through photo-realistic rendering. These series of sources were then implemented in the compositing process to create an impressive and organic representation of explosions in VFX.

Agengy: Innocean
Production: addictfilms
Director: John Park

2D Artists: Jang KangKi, Kim YoungJu, Lee SooBin, Kim DongHoo, Park HeuiEun
3D Artists : Lee MinWoo, Jeong JoongHwan, Kim JungHwan, Yoon JungSeok

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