Cube: Behind the Scenes – Animation

Motion Capture Data:
I used motion capture software and equipment to film my movie. Using iPi Soft Studio and two Microsoft Kinects, I was able to perform motion capture at a reasonable price. In the video you can see the depth data and the character side-by-side.

Animation (Low Resolution Mocap):
Although a low-res capture is considerably faster to render, it is not very accurate and it does not capture small details in body movement, which results in “shakes.”

Animation (High Resolution Mocap):
Using Autodesk Motionbuilder, I was able to translate motion capture data into a 3D model. Using Autodesk Maya, I was able to model and render the character into a movie-quality version.

Final Movie (Rough Cut):
This rough cut was very rough, as you can see that some of the character model wasn’t fully working (the spine wasn’t functional). But this rough cut helped me discuss with a professor on better camera angles and transitions. The music that I eventually chose was provided by Michael Levy, who specializes in lyre instruments. I also used iMovie to edit the final film together.

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