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VFX Core Concepts 101

VFX Core Concepts 101

Wanna learn VFX, but you aren’t sure what you want to do, or where to start? Director and VFX artist Clinton Jones (aka The Pwnisher) walks us through the …

Movies without the special effects

Visual and Special effects in movies have got so good these days that sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real anymore. But what if you could see through the …


BadaBoom. Some effects are for my friends’ short Monster Mom

Breakdown for 99Frames – Flying Leaf

Maybe not so much of a breakdown but more of a collection of playblasts/renders and screen captures while i was making this. UPDATED You can grab the scene file here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85020990/FlyingLeaf.zip Created for the 99frame project http://99frames.tumblr.com/ and https://vimeo.com/groups/158719 The final movie can be found here Music – college – the energy story www.generatormotion.com www.everydayallweekallyear.tumblr.com


*Update* Music download link (+ a few extra variations of the song I worked on before the final version, hope you enjoy!): https://soundcloud.com/dee-san My thesis animation done at School of Visual Arts, class of 2013, Computer Art MFA. Software used: Houdini (animation), Reason (music), Nuke (comp), After Effects (final render), Processing (pre-RnD) A full description […]

VFX Tests!

Before we use an effect in a movie, we need to test it first! This is a compilation of some of the effects we’ve been working on! Created with a variety of programs, …

FACTORY293 VFX Before & After

A series of ‘before and after’ shots by Andrew Gordon, showcasing the use of digital-VFX to bring story’s snow-swept Russian setting to life in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Featuring ‘Sorrow Trees’ by Joni in the Moon – http://joniinthemoon.com.au/ OFFICIAL WEBSITE – http://factory293.com FACEBOOK – http://facebook.com/factory293 TWITTER – http://twitter.com/factory293 FLICKR – https://www.flickr.com/photos/factory293