“The Collection” – Visual Effects Breakdown

The studio created over 40 Visual Effects Shots, including: CG Fire effects, Explosions, CG Elements, Set Extensions and Water simulations.

Produced by: Liddell Entertainment (Biutiful, The Grey, Go)
Director: Marcus Dunstan (Saw, Piranha 3D)
Writers: Marcus Dunstan (screenplay), Patrick Melton (screenplay)
Stars:Christopher McDonald, Daniel Sharman and Lee Tergesen
Visual Effects Supervisor (Liddell) : David Karlak
Visual Effects Supervisor (Yashinski studio): Yaron Yashinski
Lead Compositing: Yaron Yashinski
3D Sim & Compositing: Elad (Katha) Naim
Compositing: Denis Dvorin
3D animation: Shay Wax
Additional 3D: Vuk Epstien

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CGI VFX Showreels HD: “Fluid & Dynamic VFX Reel” – by Fusion CI Studios

Check out this amazing VFX reel by the talented team at Fusion CI Studios! For more information, please see the details and links below:

Specializing in high-end fluid & dynamic fx for tv, commercials, installations, apps, games and motion pictures we work as an instant ‘plug ‘n play’ fx team for vfx houses, fitting seamlessly into their pipelines. We’ve developed advanced proprietary tools & technologies that plug into off-the-shelf software to create complex, photo-real dynamic fx at a cost that’s comparable to hiring an experienced freelancer. And we’ve got a big core library that we draw from so we usually have a pretty good head start on most effects our clients need!

One of our tools, “smorganic” creates thin, delicate fluid splashes with none of the characteristic ‘ webbing’ or ‘swiss-cheese’ holes typically found in cg fluids. With “smorganic” the result is gorgeous, particle-thin fluids. We’re using it in almost all our projects from coke splashes to turbulent ocean waves with outstanding results!

Official Website – http://www.fusioncis.com
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/fusioncistudios
Twitter – https://twitter.com/fusioncis

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The Breakdown: Million Dollar Implosion

The million dollar buy in One Drop saw Rick Salomon play a huge hand against Christoph Vogelsong. The Poker Guys break down all the decisions.

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My first VFX (blender 2.69)

For some reason, i decided to make a little different video, than i was doing the ones before this one.. So this is my first VFX with breakdown and some BTS things.. Hope you like it πŸ™‚



Full : https://vimeo.com/159463485
Directors cut : https://vimeo.com/169695507

Actual explosions can prove a safety nightmare on set, a collection of explosions and smoke were created in post-production to bring reality through VFX.

This TVC was shot in LA as an action sequence to display the brilliant performance of the new Hyundai Elantra. Actual explosions can prove a safety nightmare on set and simulated fire and explosions are difficult to create. The location and production limitations permitted little to be captured on camera, As such, the resulting footage of the Elantra dodging imaginary explosions looked pretty underbaked until the VFX were added in.

A host of post-production tools such as Houdini, Maya and 3D max were utilized to create a collection of explosions and smoke through photo-realistic rendering. These series of sources were then implemented in the compositing process to create an impressive and organic representation of explosions in VFX.

Agengy: Innocean
Production: addictfilms
Director: John Park

2D Artists: Jang KangKi, Kim YoungJu, Lee SooBin, Kim DongHoo, Park HeuiEun
3D Artists : Lee MinWoo, Jeong JoongHwan, Kim JungHwan, Yoon JungSeok

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The Originals: Phoebe Tonkin’s On Set Tour | Entertainment Weekly

While EW was on set, ‘Originals’ star Phoebe Tonkin took us on a quick set tour through the Mikaelson compound, Hayley’s new apartment, the wardrobe department, and more of the New Orleans based show.
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The Originals: Phoebe Tonkin’s On Set Tour | Entertainment Weekly

The Last of Us Part 2 Trailer Breakdown and Analysis

A trailer breakdown and analysis of The Last of Us Part 2
Original trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzHYejoIldQ

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ES_Silent Castle 2 – Niklas Gustavsson.mp3

CGI & VFX Showreels HD: “2016 VFX Reel” – by Jesse Pitela

Enjoy this VFX Showreel by Jesse Pitela! Jesse is a freelance cg artist. responsible for everything in this reel except the Huey model. Software used includes Boujou, 3Ds Max, Vray, Realflow, FumeFX and AE. Many of the shots are from his film LIQUIFY, an official selection of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, you can check out the trailer on his website http://www.jessepitela.com/
Music: Mad Max OST – Brothers in Arms

For more information, please see the details and links below:

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