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Mondays: Government Regulating Drones & Getting Ideas

Ryan talks his process for coming up with ideas, and how he feels about government regulation on Drones! Triune Horror Music Pack: …

Challenge: No Editing Software Allowed!

It’s Friday, so we have a special feature for you! Two short films we produced in Las Vegas. But there was one rule that made this particularly challenging, and you’ll find out how Russell’s old MiniDV cam outperformed Griffin’s Panasonic GH3! Follow Indy Mogul Across The Internets! Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Check out […]

Nose Bleed, On Location : BFX

This week we unveil a brand new type of BFX episode called “BFX On Location”! We’ve been invite by directors Giancarlo Fiorentini and Jonathan Grimm to create an extreme nose bleed effect for their film “The Old Man and the Seymour”. This movie stars Streeter Seidell, Amir Blumenfeld and a VERY bloody nose. Check out […]

Wolverine, Alien, Gorilla Special Effects from ADI : Holl…

For this episode of Hollywood FX, Erik visits Tom and Alec at Amalgamated Dynamics Studios in California. This duo has worked on the Alien movies, the Predator franchise, and the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine film!  All the creatures, props and prosthetics are on display in the workshop and they’ve even got a full-size replica of […]

Mondays: Lenses for DSLR Filmmaking, Actors Walking Off Set & The Name of Josh’s Beard!

Get FreshBooks: Today, Ryan talks Lenses for DSLR filmmaking, actors walking off set, and the name of Josh’s beard! Color Grading: Color Correcting: Suggestion of the Week: Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses: Canon EF 24-105mm Lenses: Helios Lenses: 85mm Nikon Lenses: **New Episodes Every Monday and Thursday** Like, […]

Film Riot – Hilarious Result of Trying to Suck an Egg Through a Bottle

This is an experiment gone terribly wrong. It’s what happens when the talented production crew behind Film Riot gets bored. Arris thought he could suck an egg through a IBC root beer bottle… And you have to watch what happens!

Space Suit and Helmet Redux : BFX : Build

This week, we have a special ‘BFX Redux’. Backyard FX is revisiting two favorite episodes: The Space Suit and The Space Helmet. These episodes have been re-edited and remixed into one build and one awesome ‘Original Short.’ Our oldest fans get to see an updated version of a fan favorite, while our new viewers are […]

Production Diary #1 – Writing!

Today marks the first day for our Outsiders production diaries! For our first episode, Ryan discusses his writing process for Outsiders, based on your suggestions! Adobe Story: Outsiders Website: Triune Films: Script Formatting: Follow For More BTS: Ryan Connolly Tweets by ryan_connolly Josh Connolly Tweets by Josh_connolly Tim Connolly […]

LOCAL COPS : BFX Original Short

Two undercover government agents infiltrate a drug lords dinner party to learn information about his underground operation. What they didn’t expect were the other dinner guests: LOCAL COPS. The Guys in the Van: Ray Chase The Undercover Agents: Hugh Scott Amy Vorpahl The Bad Guys: David Castro Juliana Tyson Alan Franzenburg The Local Cops: Jack […]

SnorriCam DIY Tutorial : BFX : Weekend Extra

For build plans visit: For more of their YouTube videos: Always wanted that shot that stays stable on your actor and whacks out the background? Of course you have! Now, thanks to our friends, Cody and Mark, you can build your very own SnorriCam!