Agents, Scripting Software, Permits and Texas!

Another Monday, another mail sack! Today Ryan covers: agents, scripting software, permits and Texas.

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Bloopers, Out-takes 2007 : BFX : Extras

As 2007 wraps up we wanted to take a look back at some early BFX bloopers. Watch what happens when someone gets kicked in the nuts, and Erik inhales too much fire extinguisher fumes. Outtakes from Giant Sandwich, Puppets, Jetpack, and more!

They worked with J.J. Abrams??

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with J.J. Abrams? Of course you have! In this excerpt from our podcast, we talk with the Codeglia brothers about shooting behind-the-scenes on “The Force Awakens” and more!

The full 30 minute podcast has even more stories about Bad Robot and tips for filmmakers. Please listen / subscribe over at

Watch the build:

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Zombie Roommates : Mogulween Original Short

Mogulween is here again! And here is the first test film from Wayside creations for it! It’s a Sit-Com. Or a Sit-Horror. A Sit Hor-Com?Here’s how to build your own faceless zombie effect! Mogul’s Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment.  ‘Build’ episodes on Mondays and ‘Original Short’ test films on Tuesdays featuring the build.  Website:  http://www.indymogul.comSubmit:


Our friends at Ghostlight created an incredible, massive ED-209 robot from scratch. Check out how they did it in this extensive MIND-BLOWING behind-the-scenes video.

Watch the scene:
Watch the whole Robocop remake:
Photo gallery:
Indy Mogul podcast:

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Ghostlight early film: “Attack of the Incredible Giant Man-Eating Rat with Laser Beam Eyes from Mars!”

Shot by David & James Codeglia. On-set footage by:
Becca Brassfield, Ken Codeglia, Salette Corpuz, Brandon Fayette, Brock Kingsland, Sarah Morris, Amber Reeder, Darius Siwek, Ashleigh Sumner, Art Vega

“Tone” by Alfred Montejano:
“The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug” by Andrew Kaiser:
“Far Away” from YouTube Audio Library
“Orientation” from YouTube Audio Library
“Sigh Jesus” by Alfred Montejano:
“Home Stretch” from YouTube Audio Library
“Festering Willow” by Alfred Montejano:

Thank you to EDEN SOTO for the AMAZING Saturday Morning Special bumper! to hire him for stuff.

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Happy Birthday Indy Mogul : Fan Videos and Bloopers

Indy Mogul and Backyard FX are two years old!  We’re happy to celebrate our 2 year anniversary with our favorite bloopers and, more importantly, the amazing fan videos you submitted wishing us a happy birthday and telling us your favorite BFX and Indy Mogul moments.  This video is a big thank you to all the fans who make Indy Mogul possible.  Your requests, video submissions, comments, and votes are what keep us going.  Thanks for a great 2 years and stay tuned for a great year 3!

Film Riot – The Great Milk Chug Off – GROSS!

The Film Riot boys try to see who can chug the most milk without throwing up… Result… A whole lot of vomit and a whole lot of hilarity.

Diablo Cody and Juno Producer Russell Smith Bonus …

Bonus footage from the Film Independent Spirit Awards with writer, Diablo Cody (Best First Screenplay, Juno) and Producer Russell Smith (Best Feature Film, Juno). Diablo Cody also went on to win the 2008 Academy Award for best Original Screenplay.

Ten Emails, Ten Answers! Answering YOUR Questions! : FRIDAY 101 MAILBAG


B&H Superstore Video Tour:
Nady SGM-12 Boom Mic Test:
Setting Manual Audio on t3i:
Canon t4i Hands-On Review:

This week’s Friday 101 is all about answering some of the burning questions that have been sent in over the past few weeks. The topics covered:
– How to Spend $50-$100 on Equipment
– Asking to Use A Location
– Getting More Subscribers
– Used Camera Lenses
– Shooting Short Films With a GoPro
– Making Money While A Student
– 32-Bit Editing Software
– Canon t4i: Is it worth it?

If you have a question, are seeking advice (FILMMAKING advice, Russ is NOT, in fact, a licensed therapist), or were just wondering about anything at all film or video related, send an email to:
Even quick, simple questions will do.

Have something to add to any of the topics we discussed on this episode? Send us a video response, or a Youtube link via email, and record yourself weighing in!

If you have made a movie and want advice as to how it could be better, send a Youtube link, listed or unlisted, to:
and let Russell know you want your movie put on THE CHOPPING BLOCK!

Intro Video by Anthony De Coninck (aka Stylow)

Theme Music by Abhilash Buch

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod
“Covert Affair”
“Highlight Reel”
“Mining By Moonlight”
“Who Likes To Party”

Q & Erik: Nose Putty, the Wheel of Prosperity, & Fake Blood

Want to add some more appendages to your body? Do you have a bet going with a friend concerning Erik’s age? Do you wish to know the ancient conspiracy secrets behind the Wheel of Prosperity? Well, then it sounds like you have Mogulitis. And the only cure is this week’s episode of Q and Erik, where Erik Beck answers all of YOUR questions. And by all we mean some.