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Game Maker Studio: Menus Tutorial

Play my newly released indie platformer Another Perspective! A highly requested tutorial on handling menu systems in game maker, kind of a bare basics system that you can hopefully build on and experiment with, it should be flexible enough to allow you to do most types of things menu wise.

Dude Sneaks Into Game Studio & Finds Unannounced Game Called Keystone

AlphaOmegaSin talks about the folks over at Digital Extremes having an unannounced guest show up & hang out for a whole work day. Dude literally slipped in, hung out with developers and workers & found out about a new game they were working on. Digital Extremes being the people being games such as Warframe & […]


What if some more video game characters had Twitter accounts…? SUBSCRIBE! ► If Marvel Had Facebook! ► FEATURING Jon Bailey – Kratos, Marcus Fenix, Norman Reedus, Illidan Stormrage, Eggman Brizzy Voices – Ana Amari, Isabelle, Navi Brock Baker – Sully, Ezio, Bubsy Amanda Philipson – @PhilipsonAmanda Blanche, Jaina Proudmore, Samus, […]

RetroPie: Adventure Game Studio – Point and click game emulator

This video shows Adventure Game Studio running on a Raspberry Pi. Its a bit like ScummVM, but for indie point and click adventures. Adventure Game Studio RetroPie Wiki Some config file info…

Game & Young Buck In The Studio [First Time In Years]

Young Buck recently released from prison for felony gun charges. Links up with Game to collaborate on a record titled “Rolling Stone”, inspired by the classic Temptations sample. Checkout the two former G-Unit members chemistry in the studio. Watch Waka Flocka & Young Buck in the studio here Now: Tweets by youngbuck

game studio tycoon 3: creating a game that made me 450.000k profit

hello everyone. in this video ill show you what genres and themes i used to make 450.000k in the game: Game Studio Tycoon 3. i hope you enjoy it and i you will leave a like and subscribe. thanks for watching

My Game Maker Studio Games of 2015! 1080p60

Hey everyone! Here is a small compilation of the Game Maker games I have been working on this year! Game list: 00:14 – Spinning Real 01:22 – Touring Cars United 03:03 – Banned Memories: Yamanashi — 08:23 – Impossible Reloaded 09:58 – Deep 13:15 – Silent Hill (1999) First Person Remake All in-game soundtracks […]

Nerd³ Plays… London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

Vlog Channel! My Twitter! My Webcomic! After seconds of training I launch myself into my Olympic career with a buggy, broken game and end up laughing and swearing at it a lot. It might work fine with a controller but the controller was only “recommended” so to me that means you don’t […]

Şirket -1- Game Studio Tycoon 3

►Mobil Oyun kanalı insanları eğlendirmek ve oyunlar hakkında bilgiler vermek amacı ile kurulmuş bir YouTube kanalıdır. ►Siz de bu eğlenceli kanala destek olarak en çok oynanan ve en iyi oyunları takip edebilir ve bizimle beraber eğlenebilirsiniz. ►Bu Serilerime Bakmış Mıydınız? ➜Minecraft PE – Survival Serisi: ➜Eğitici Videolar: ➜Minecraft PE – Ozan’la / Düello […]