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Learn A Valuable Lesson About Storytelling From Hayao Miyazaki

The Idea—the Origin of Everything Is the starting point of an animated film the time when the project is given the go-ahead and production begins? Is it at that point that you, as the animator, first go over your ideas for that story? No, that isn’t the starting point. Everything begins much earlier, perhaps before […]

‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Just Revealed a Whole Heap of Baddies

A new extended tv spot for Warner Bros.’ upcoming The Lego Batman Movie has unveiled an extensive cast of characters as the rogues’ gallery, i.e. Batman’s adversaries. The spot includes the Joker, Bane, King Shark, Scarecrow, Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, and many more. Plus there’s a particularly poignant encounter between Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) and […]


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