Behind the scenes – Cinematography – with Simeon Quarrie
Filmed some months ago, this video follows myself and members of the VIVIDA team as we create a SAME DAY EDIT. Doing this was truly terrifying. At one point I really wanted to curl up into the fetal position in the middle of the dance floor.

We had to film and edit the video to played before the bride and grooms (Sundeep & Diana’s) entrance.The day wasn’t all smooth and easy sailing due to losing a lot of time because of the complications that come with Asian Weddings! Our day would feature a Hindu ceremony and a Church ceremony. We would need to film and edit simultaneously. This is hard, but even harder when we have 2 ceremonies and a change of location.

Our team work with Canon DSLRs (Canon 5D MKIIs) and a number of supporting pieces of equipment. We used a Steadicam Pilot, a glidetrack, monopods and a Hero.

For the Same Day Edit (SDE) we used Final Cut Pro 7. Though we would now use FCPX for speed. Transcoding added another unnecessary step to the workflow. FCPX is just great for skimming clips and using them right away.

My heart was pumping so hard at some points, that I thought I was going to need to call on one of the many doctors present as guests. We survived!

A special thanks as always to my full team. On this particular day the photography wasn’t done by myself but by another photography team not related to VIVIDA.

Enjoy. As always, I welcome any questions posted here or sent directly.

Simeon Quarrie
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A special thanks to Bhavik Haria for creating this Behind the Scenes video.

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