Angry Writer in ‘N.Y. Times’ Asks Disney: Why’d You Draw Maui in ‘Moana’ So Big?

New York Times editorial writer Lawrence Downes is ray ban sunglasses disappointed that the Disney žiadostí animators drew Maui cheap jordans online so big in Moana. He wrote in Saturday’s edition:

Draw a circle. Give it stumpy legs, beer-keg arms, a big head of hair and a necklace of teeth. Draw some leaves ray ban outlet around its middle, for modesty, cheap ray ban sungalsses and cover everything else in tattoos. You’ve just drawn Maui, the Polynesian demigod, as imagined in the new Disney movie Moana.

Downes later concedes that he’s not the artist and that those animators can draw cheap nba jerseys him as big as they want:

Yes, of course: It’s a cartoon. It was no crime for Disney animators to draw Maui any way they wanted.

We can’t wait for Downes’ angry editorial when someone tells him that Moana isn’t even a drawn film.

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