Pitching Ideas/Treatments & Building a Production Team : Awesome Directors Project

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Planking and the New Regional Manager // The Office US

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Will Vinton – Super Seinfeld

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DreamWorks Dreamplace – Sleigh Flight School

Working with the DreamWorks team, Bully! created Sleigh Flight School as part of the Shrek-themed, DreamPlace installations that took place in malls throughout the US and London during the holiday season.

Positioned as a re-imagining of the holiday retail experience, the interactive Santa adventures featured a storyline involving lost reindeer and a call to action for Kids and Parents alike to help Santa out.

The first step, of course, was to earn a Pilot’s License for flying Santa’s Sleigh. Visitors were ushered into a room by a digital Shrek and Donkey and by first entering in Family ID numbers found on their visitors badges the game began.

Elves from the Rise of the Guardians hosted the game and walked visitors through interaction. One of three distinct levels was chosen – Chimney Dodge, Candy Cane Lane and Mountain Pass – where visitors swiped right, left, up or down to avoid obstacles and collect power-ups.

Gameplay resulted in a personalized Pilots License linked to the family’s visitor number that was then purchasable with a Santa photo package at the end of the experience. Most importantly, parents get a little relief from the often excruciatingly long lines to visit Santa.

Casting, Crowdfunding, and More! Preproducing A Short Film : FRIDAY 101

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Kids United – Making Of – (Les Liens de l’Amitié)

Kids United – Making Of – (Les Liens de l’Amitié) – 2e album “Tout Le Bonheur Du Monde” dispo ici : http://rldd.co/KU-TLBDM – 1er album “Un Monde Meilleur” toujours disponible : http://rldd.co/UnMondeMeilleur – Plus d’infos : http://facebook.com/WeAreKidsUnited et http://twitter.com/WeAreKidsUnited

Kids United : Erza, Esteban, Gabriel, Gloria et Nilusi.


Le 2ème album des Kids United “Tout Le Bonheur Du Monde” est disponible en partenariat avec l’UNICEF.

L’UNICEF fournit aux réfugiés et aux personnes déplacées en centre d’accueil des kits de premier secours, des kits d’hygiène et des couvertures de survie. Leur objectif est aussi de « remettre les enfants à l’école » en donnant le matériel scolaire nécessaire. Plus d’infos : http://www.unicef.fr/

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