Pitching Ideas/Treatments & Building a Production Team : Awesome Directors Project

Awesome Director Chris Crutchfield manages the challenges of pre-production as he gears up to shoot his music video this month! Subscribe to Chris’ channel: …

Planking and the New Regional Manager // The Office US

Robert California has chosen his replacement as the Regional manager. Meanwhile the planking is going on in the office. Watch The Office US on Google Play: …

DreamWorks Dreamplace – Sleigh Flight School

Working with the DreamWorks team, Bully! created Sleigh Flight School as part of the Shrek-themed, DreamPlace installations that took place in malls throughout the US and London during the holiday season. Positioned as a re-imagining of the holiday retail experience, the interactive Santa adventures featured a storyline involving lost reindeer and a call to action […]

Casting, Crowdfunding, and More! Preproducing A Short Film : FRIDAY 101

Watch “The Safe Room” Here: http://youtu.be/9O386aUgOsk Watch Part 2 – “Post-Production”: http://youtu.be/2ZT7-BQykzY This week, our guest hosts from …

Kids United – Making Of – (Les Liens de l’Amitié)

Kids United – Making Of – (Les Liens de l’Amitié) – 2e album “Tout Le Bonheur Du Monde” dispo ici : http://rldd.co/KU-TLBDM – 1er album “Un Monde Meilleur” toujours disponible : http://rldd.co/UnMondeMeilleur – Plus d’infos : http://facebook.com/WeAreKidsUnited et http://twitter.com/WeAreKidsUnited Kids United : Erza, Esteban, Gabriel, Gloria et Nilusi. /// Le 2ème album des Kids United […]

‘Fright Night’ Friday at Comic Con

The stars of ‘Fright Night’ came to Comic Con to talk about the remake of the classic original. Watch more at http://makingof.com/

Make a Head Go Boom! It’s Bloodtober! – Film Riot

Continuing on the bloody Bloodtober train, Ryan revisits an old effect, but with a much bloodier result! Plus, someone else dies today! Find out who …

13 Hindi Films (Bollywood) VFX & Special Effects Before and After

13 Hindi Films (Bollywood) VFX & Special Effects Before and After.

Valerie Morrison – Animation Demo Reel – Fall 2013

My current character animation demo reel. Shots from “Cloudy with a Chance or Meatballs 2,” “Hotel Transylvania,” and “Arthur Christmas” are copyright Sony Pictures Entertainment. Shots from “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” are copyright Twentieth Century Fox.