“13:59” – Behind the Scenes – The First Day

A look behind the scenes shooting the short “13:59” from Mario Feil with DoP Nino Leitner.
I was on set watching the team and had a close look at the incredible small and very DSLR-like new Camera from Canon – the EOS-C300 from their new introduced Cinema series.
I was able to follow the shoot just for one day and sadly fell ill after that, but nethertheless it was a great experience with the lovely crew and the new Canon C300!

watch the final movie from Mario Feil & Nino Leitner here … http://vimeo.com/33425317

and Nino Leitners extensive article about the camera and the production … http://ninofilm.net/blog/2011/12/09/canon-eos-c300-review-short-film/

NTown Productions Film Services – Vienna Austria

my article about the release of the Canon EOS-C300 … http://ntown.at/NTArt_CanonCinema.html

Peter Hainzl also did a BTS from the shoot … http://vimeo.com/33272532/

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